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In case you would like to collaborate with me, feel free to contact me at: 

My partner and I would be more than happy to try out any travel-related things and write a review about your product/an article with pictures about the experience. My goal is always to write the kind of informative articles that could help someone plan their actual itinerary in a specific location. We'd be happy to review hostels and hotels; spas; romantic getaways from a lesbian point of view; food and restaurants, different kinds of travel and food related name it, we try it.

I'm available for interviews and other collaborations that match the content of my blog. Promoting a lesbian point of view and spreading acceptance within the field of travel regarding the topic is always in my personal interests, but other points of view are possible as well. Some possible topics (in addition to the trips themselves) could be life in a multicultural relationship, international exchange programs, culture shock, intercultural communication and experiences, language name it!

I'm an English MA with minors such as Swedish, Education, Gender Studies and Intercultural Communication. I'm also a Fulbright Distinguished Awards in Teaching grantee 2017-2018 and a Seta certified school visitor on LGBTIQ visibility and acceptance.

My blog has readers from all over the world, the top countries being the USA, Finland, Russia, France, the UK, Poland, Germany, Canada, Sweden, Latvia and China. Therefore, I am able to target quite a diverse audience with my blog articles.

For now, my blog remains a place where I write about my own travel experiences, which is also why I'm currently not accepting any guest posts.

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