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School Visits in the USA - Inclusion and Project Based Learning

As a Fulbright Distinguished Teacher, one of the things I was up to during my time in the USA was visiting schools. By the end of my Fulbright period, I'd visited altogether 8 different schools:

Bloomington High School North (public high school, grades 9-12)The Project School, Bloomington (public charter school, K-8)Columbus Signature Academy Fodrea Elementary, Columbus, Indiana (public magnet school)Columbus Signature Academy New Tech High, Columbus, Indiana (public magnet school, 9-12)International School of Indiana, Lower and Upper Schools, Indianapolis (private school)Signature School, Evansville, Indiana (public charter school)The Atrium School, Watertown, Massachusetts (private school, K-8)The Mission Hill School, Boston, Massachusetts (public school, pre-K-8)

In this post, I will write a little bit more about what I discovered about the American school system and what I think are some of the good and not-so-good things about it. 
First of all, there are many different types …

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